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Sample, that is set into the Auto-Sampler, is introduced into the combustion tube that carrier gas is clean air, and is combusted completely. Produced combustion gas is caught by the absorption unit, and is collected as the measuring liquid. Measuring liquid is automatically injected into the ion chromatograph device.yhs-11
Respective halogen and sulfur in the sample is separately determined with the ion chromatograph, and is calculated as containing ratio of the sample.

Specific Feature: YHS-11 Horizontal Furnace

Horizontal type furnace enables to analyze both for organic compounds and for inorganic compounds, by pre-setting combustion program.
Combustion furnace can be moved toward sample boat position horizontally, so that generating of soot from inorganic sample is prevented sufficiently, and achieve complete combustion.

In addition to this unique structure and function, most suitable simultaneous halogens/sulfur measurement is proposed with heating program up to 1400℃.

Expanding Application Fields

  • General organic compounds
  • Analysis of industrial wastes
  • Residue analysis of slag after combustion
  • Rubber products
  • Mineral
  • Waste oil
  • Bio-diesel
  • Brominated flame retardant
  • Halogen free products
  • Resource recycling
    and so forth…

  • Ultra-micronization for organic trace element analysis
    Ultra-micro-analyses (0.1 to 1.0mg) are attainable, as well as micro-analyses (1 to 10mg).
  • Speeding up of analyses
    5 to 6 samples can be measured per hour, including combustion and chromatogram development.
  • Simultaneous multi-elements analysis
    By oxygen/reduction-phase absorption liquid (patent), 5 elements (F, Cl, Br, I, S) can be simultaneously analyzed.
  • Combustion standard containing multi-elements
    In order to comply with organic calibration curve method regulated in JIS, high purified organic standard samples (NAC-st1, NAC-st2, NAC-st4, etc., patented) that contain multi-elements, are provided.
  • Conformance to official analytical method
    This analysis method is conformed to any kind of current official analytical method, such as JIS K0127
    (Ion chromatograph general rule).
  • Utilizing disposable sample boatsyhs-11
    By utilizing inexpensive commercial magnetic boat (100JPY or so), residues after combustion are completely collected by the collection
    function, and residues can be used for other analytical measurements,such as X-ray fluorescence, ICP-MS, etc.).
  • Significant reduction of running cost
    By utilizing clean air in place of cylinder gases (Ar, O2), the system can be moved discretionally,
    without using expensive inert gases and oxygen gas.

Air is used for combustion supportive gas, so it is safe and economy. However, if air is contaminated, background signal is increased and high stable accreted measurement is not achievable.
This system enables to supply high-sensitivity corresponded air in flow condition, by eliminating halogens and sulfur with pre-heating treatment for the suction air.


Standard samples for creating calibration curves, 3 species samples (0.5g in bottle, respectively), can be provided by NAC Techno Service.yhs-11As 5 elements maximally are eluted within 10 minutes and be able to create calibration curve simultaneously, significant efficiency for the analysis and labor saving are attainable.
Also, as for evaluation of the analyzers and combustion conditions, it is effectively valid for confirmation (validation) of the measuring conditions for the indicators such as yield, repeatability, etc. (Patented)