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Utilize for firing test in any scientific fields!
Suitable for heating under vacuum/inert gas atmosphere!

Under the condition that high vacuum region is not indispensable

●Many numbers of samples needing for heat treatment with vacuum/gas
●MATRIX is built for between combination components and combination quantity.
●Along with MATRIX, samples are prepared and sequentially implementing heat
 treatment,so that respective property can be evaluated.

<< One of the biggest features of VF-5000 >>


Furnace with excellent heat efficiency
Realized high heat efficiency, speedy heating and max. 1100℃ reach, by one-unit molding embedded heater in ceramic fiber plate, which has excellent thermal insulation property.
Auto-vacuum/Gas replacing function
By achieving auto-programming control for vacuuming and gas supply, troublesome vacuum before heating, gas replacing and atmosphere during heating can be controlled.
Only vacuum auto-operation and manual operation are also achievable.
Adopts large color touch panel
Easy operation is attainable such as respective program input by adopting 7-inch color touch panel. Specific name can be defined as in inputted program. Visual confirmation is available as graph display for progressing status of process.
Data log function equipped in standard
Temperature data log at heating stage can be stored in USB memory (CSV file).
Attainable program storing (backup) and reading via PC.
Safety design
Heater current is always monitored and detect over-current and/or disconnection.
By isolated temperature monitoring element, heater current is directly shut down when abnormal high temperature occurs. Other functions are equipped, such as thermocouple disconnection, vacuum abnormality and furnace up/down part abnormality detection.
Hearth Up/Down function
As furnace hearth part can be up/down moving, it can easily handle with the object to be heated. No need to attaching/detaching flanges as in tubular furnace. Especially when firing times are increased, workability is drastically improved.
Replacing/Flow gas exchange signal Relay contact point, 4 points
At the time of gas replacing process in auto-running, contact point is ON at designated step. By using this signal, trigger signal as replacing gas exchange or ratio alteration timing can be executed.
Connecting external vacuum gauge
The unit is usually operated only with built-in vacuum sensor. When vacuum rate is measured at high accuracy, external vacuum gauge can be connected at connecting port.
(External vacuum gauge and piping are optional.)


Model name VF-5000
Power source Single phase, AC230V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption power 1.6kVA
Controlling thermocouple JIS R thermocouple
Heater/Capacity Kanthal, AF/1540W
Max. temperature 1100℃(Usually at 1000℃)
Temp. control accuracy Less than ±2℃
Effective furnace inside dimensions φ130 x H120mm (furnace inside, φ140 x H134mm)
Attainable vacuum 50Pa or less
Vacuum measuring accuracy Max. ±3% vs. FS
Handling object to be heated Furnace hearth up/down method
Cooling for furnace Air cooling fan(Working fan is automatically ON/OFF at furnace inside temperature)
Programming 20 steps x 100 programs
Exchanging introduction gas Timing signal contact point output (max. 4 points)
Data log function USB memory: Data log/Program backup
External dimensions/Weight W340 x D390 x H740mm/ca. 42kg
Safety functions Abnormal temperature, thermocouple disconnection, heater over-current/disconnection, abnormal vacuum, motion up/down abnormality, circuit protector
Options Vacuum pump set (oil rotation 40/48L/min)
Pirani vacuum gauge (measuring range: 5 x 10-2Pa to atmospheric pressure)
Cautions ※Only inert gases (nitrogen, argon) are applied as replacing and flow gas. Unable to use oxidation/reduction gas, dangerous explosive/corrosive gas and conductive gas.
※Need to countermeasure of diffusion protection for powder sample heating. (ex. Power should be put on the crucible with the cover.)

VF-5000 Introduction PP Slides

*** To the customer who inquires.

● Sample size and its material
● Degree of reaching vacuum
● Heating atmosphere environment

When inquiring, please let us know above 3 information together.We will suggest the most appropriate specification to your request.