“What is Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) method?”
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It is critically important to know the halogen/sulfur content of waste out of consideration to the environment.
Concentration of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and sulfur can be determined accurately by using a combustion ion chromatography (CIC) system combining an automatic combustion system, model YHS-11, which safely combusts samples with an Ion Chromatograph (IC).

Measuring samples will be combusted under high temperature atmosphere and measuring objects of halogen elements (F, Cl, Br, I) and sulfur (S) will be collected into the absorption solution as combusted gases. Absorbed solution will be introduced into the IC, and representative element’s concentration will be determined as in the solid sample.

This system enables to implement accurate analysis of trace amount of halogens/sulfur simultaneously in the solid samples (inorganic/organic compounds) and liquid samples, by eliminating any contamination during the measuring process with uniting a series of control from sample combustion, absorption of combustion gas to measurement by the IC.

< Application examples >
・Impurity and additives in polymer
・Halogen/sulfur analysis in waste material, waste liquid
・Chloride/bromine analysis in electronics material
・Confirmation of composition for synthesized reagent
・Fluorine analysis in slag

Analysis flow of this CIC method is as follows;