Visited CIRIC (Chiba Iodine Resource Innovation Center) on August 10



Aemic Trading visited CIRIC on the Chiba University West-Chiba campus,where the opening ceremony was held on the end of June.
The laboratory space of NAC Techno Service, the developer of Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC), is so spacious and well functional, and several systems of CIC, electronic balances, draft and office equipment are set up in quite efficient configuration, that will be effectively utilized as further experiments and research investigation.

Even though the laboratory is not for the environment of prompt analysis stance, it will be prepared on daily basis in order to comply with implementing actual analysis and experiment by the end of this month.

The annual exhibition of JASIS will be held on September 5th to 7th at the Makuhari Messe venue (near Tokyo).
Dr. Nagashima, who is the original developer of CIC, will have a lecture on the “Ion Chromatograph” section meeting. In this time duration, the analysis realization at CIRIC will be surely feasible, so that any analyses of halogen/sulfur simultaneous measurements can be implemented from a variety of fields of investigation not only from domestic requirements, but also from overseas analysis requests.