Held Opening Ceremony of CIRIC (Chiba Iodine Resource Innovation Center)

Chiba Iodine Resource Innovation Center (CIRIC) held its opening ceremony on June 29th, to mark the finalization of the completed building on the Nishi Chiba Campus of Chiba University.
The ceremony included the Vice Governor of Chiba Prefecture, the Chancellor of Chiba University and the Chief Manager of the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
Also as newly CIRIC’s occupants, iodine related industries and Dr. Nagashima of NAC Techno Service, who is in charge of the comprehensive chemical analysis, attended.


At the moment, no equipment or instruments have been installed into the huge space for NAC Techno Service; however, it is expected to be delivered and installed sometime this July.
New challenging circumstance will be realized for the analysis not only for iodine, but for simultaneous analysis for halogens/sulfur, as well as any related research item. It enables to accept any sample tests and to consult at various related analytical problems.


Please anticipate for its opening.