35th Joint Symposium was held at TMU

85th Organic Micro Analysis Meeting, Japan Analytical Chemistry Association, and
107th The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE), Technical Committee on Mechanical Metrology


Annual joint symposium was held on June 14 and 15, at the International Community Center on Minami-Osawa Campus of Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU).
Various themes of presentations with regard to elemental analyses and weighing techniques were released and published by academic researchers as well as CHN analyzer’s and balance manufacturers.
Dr. Nagashima, who is the pioneer of halogens/sulfur simultaneous analysis system, has also presented recent researching result, for the rubber application.

In the next of presentation venue, there were exhibition booths by manufacturers of CHN analyzers, balances and other products.
With the person in charge of the agent of EAI and NAC Techno Service, great communication and information exchange had realized with many potential customers.


Besides general presentations, there were 2 plenary lectures;

1) Rechargeable Batteries for CO2 Reduction and Electric Vehicles
2) Design of New Organo-catalysts inspired by Biocatalysts and Synthetics Application

Both lectures are different categories from elemental analyses, however, they were quite interesting and inspiring enough and good time sharing with many audiences.


17 poster-style presentations had implemented by mostly young generation researchers. Different types of researches with elemental analyses were discussed and focused on respectively.

At the last session of technical seminar (also known as “wrap-up party”), awards ceremony was preformed and several excellent poster publishers were selected. One student, who has been enthusiastically executing research work at Dr. Nagashima’s laboratory, was also received an award.


The next 36th symposium will be held in Kyoto in June, 2019, mainly organized by the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University.