“[Kakehashi Africa] & [And Africa] Events”: March 23 at Doshisha University, March 25 at Yahoo! Building

One of the participants, who visited our site on March 2, is the chairperson of “Kakehashi Africa”, autonomous group erected by ABE Initiative students via JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).
On March 23, the event of “Business Workshop Connecting Africa and Japan” was held on Doshisha University Muromachi campus.
ABE Initiative student had a great presentation for introducing the purpose and perspective for “Kakehashi Africa”.

2 faculty members of Doshisha University Graduate School of Business Professor, and Graduate School of Global Studies Professor, respectively, were acted as a meaningful stance as real bridge role between the participants and entrepreneurs in Japan.
Also, several industrial companies explained each role and vision regarding plausible business channel between Africa and Japan. They all were so interesting and have significant correlated topics for enthusiastic market in front of us.
From the beginning of the session to wrap-up party, it was a memorable precious time sharing among all attendants for useful information exchange, very thanks to organizers of “Friends of Kakehashi Africa”, that is volunteer group by Japanese students.

On March 25, there was another event, “Africa-Japan Business Networking Fair”, was held at Yahoo! Headquarter building in Tokyo, sponsored by And Africa LLC.

There were almost 100 participants, and AEMIC had allotted about 8 minutes presentation time for introducing AEMIC product lines, as well as introduction and its main aim of opening “AEMIC Trading” web pages.
All contents were quite nicely organized by main hosts, and all attendants were joyfully tackled with group-discussion style sessions, and made original viewpoints of business opportunity goals through respective short-time presentation.
We really would like to utilize these events for the achievement of actual business relationship between neo-futuristic business partners and us, AEMIC.

We would like to mention special thanks to Mr. Yo Murofushi and Ms. Ryoko Homma.