5 African students studying abroad visited us for their extra-curriculum activity

ABE (African Business Education) Initiative is a scholarship program which offers opportunities for young and eligible African men and women to study at Master’s courses in Japanese universities as international students, and to experience internships at Japanese enterprises, in order to develop effective skills and knowledge in various fields for contributing the development of industries in Africa. This program is managed by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).
This program definitely contributes to strengthen personal connections between African countries and Japan, where can instruct and promote industrial and technological development.
After the trainee returns to home, he/she will surely be acting as the leading pilot, when a Japanese company advances economic activity in Africa.

In the afternoon on March 2nd, as their extra-curriculum activity, 5 ABE Initiative students visited us, originally from Egypt, Kenya, Mali and South Africa.

All participants diligently took memos during our manufacturing premise tour and explanation courses of products introduction.

We had dinner together as the last session, and had quite a meaningful time to share and discuss many issues each other.

We would like to contact these key persons individually from now on, so that hopefully actual business relationship in detail may realize in the near future.