14th Taipei International Instruments Show 2019 was held
(At Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, Taipei City, Taiwan)

Triennial exhibition, Taipei International Instruments Show, was held from October 25th to 28th at close to Taipei 101 tower, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall.
Aemic Trading had collaboration with Sunway Scientific Corp., that is our agent in Taiwan market, and introduced Combustion Ion Chromatograph (CIC) system, fluorescent X-ray analyzers by Ourstex, ultra-compact type elemental analyzers by Micro-Emission, CHN analyzer by Exeter Analytical Inc. (EAI), melting point apparatus by Yanaco, and so forth.
We were allotted one corner in the booth with poster exhibition.

With Mr. John Hsu, Mr. Rick Chang of Sunway

Effectively collaborating with staff of Sunway,we have tried to obtain potential customers by explaining respective analyzer on the poster and distributing leaflets and pamphlets.

Especially in the category of elemental analysis, we emphasized respective analyzer’s features and specifications, and realized accumulating invaluable information exchange one another.

Mr. Jatupon, president of Engineering & Science Associates (E&SA), joined us from Bangkok, Thailand.

We, Aemic Trading, will make the best effort to build up adequate and mutual business relationship with respective country’s agent closely, in order to realize good sales promotion for valuable analytical instruments.