Ultra-Compact Elemental Analyzer: MH-5000 was on air in famous/popular TV drama!

Ultra-compact, potable type elemental analyzer, MH-5000, manufactured by Micro Emission, was adopted in the TV drama, “Woman of Forensic Research Institute” (科捜研の女) on August 15, 2019.

In order to determine magnesium and calcium components in green tea, several kinds of water were collected in the laboratory. Then by comparing tea stain on the evident object and teas prepared in the lab, hot water poured into the respective green tea were analyzed and focused on judging suspicious water with MH-5000.
Manipulating and operating MH-5000 was acted by the heroine, one of popular actresses, Yasuko Sawaguchi (沢口靖子).

Thumbnails on the TV screen

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