Demonstration of CIC system / CHN analyzer for IS (Korea), at CIRIC and Keio Univ.

The Directing Manager of IS (Inter Science) Corp. in Korea visited us on March 13th and 14th, in order to implement actual demonstration for CIC (Combustion Ion Chromatograph) system and CHN analyzer.
He has visited us last October, then had a demonstration course at Micro Emission in Ishikawa Prefecture.
On the 13th before noon, he arrived at Narita airport, and we transferred to Chiba Iodine Resource Innovation Center (CIRIC) on the campus of Chiba University. Minori, our representative to Korean market, joined us.
At the laboratory of NAC Techno Service in CIRIC, actual demonstration of CIC had executed by Dr. Nagashima, who is the developer of CIC system, also by Mr. Hotta, main staff in charge of NAC and EAI Japan’s analyzer.

As a sequence of measuring process, “weighing sample, setting a sample boat on the Auto-sampler, setting of automatic programming for transferring the boat into the combustion furnace and for combustion conditions, and analysis method for the sample introduced into the ion chromatograph”, was demonstrated.
Also, Dr. Nagashima had given effective lecture using PP slides.
It enabled IS staff to understand and realize significantly that simultaneous analysis for 4 halogens and sulfur can be achieved in rapidly and accurately.

On the following day, we visited Yagami campus of Keio University, where the Faculty of Science and Technology is located.
On the campus, Central Service Facilities for Research is there, and it collaborates between industry-academia-government. Techno Science (EAI Japan) has a laboratory space in it.
Demonstration for both manual type and automatic type had implemented and respective measuring sequence had explained by Mr. Hotta.

It was a bit tough scheduling since longer transferring times were obliged. Having said so, IS staff was so energetic to acquire any knowledge from CIC and elemental analyzer enthusiastically. They will act as our representative in more efficient way from now on.

We appreciate very much for all the staff concerned herewith.