Visited MARUWA Company in Nagoya City: December 13, 2018

Previously having introduced in the topic of Messe Nagoya, Aemic Trading (AET) has visited Maruwa, an SME printing company in Nagoya City. Even it was a sudden offer from AET, however, they were quite nice attitude with good hospitality.
AET has enjoyed satisfactorily good time about 2 hours in total.
As for Maruwa’s company policy, they introduce the philosophy based on the activity of “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” into their corporate field. In addition, Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) stipulated by the United Nations are involved effectively, in order to achieve plausible corporate activities, which is quite innovative concept in their corporate atmosphere.
Not merely undertaking printing stance, Maruwa becomes high-class entrepreneur from tackling media universal design (MUD), diffusive introduction for banana paper (that relates to all 17 SDGs), combining eco-reusable paper, issue of public relation magazines, to complying with website construction, and so forth.
Their active tackling fields are expanding year by year.
As well, they were selected as “Omotenashi (hospitality) management entrepreneur” from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2014, which satisfies 3 conditions as follows:
1) To induce willingness and ability from the employees maximally,
2) To take into consideration for relationship with local area and society of importance, and 3) To provide high-additional and differentiate service to the customers.

After hearing the above explanation from the president, a young employee guided respective department as the company and factory tour. At each department, impromptu clear explanation was experienced.
Tour guide procedures are prepared in print; along with starting from sales, proposal contents, planning, creating draft and color plate, printing and finishing, then delivers to the customers.
Each explanation from respective employee in charge was so conspicuous and interesting enough, hence, AET was devoted in many times unconsciously.

Maruwa has less than 30 employees, but each employee has vivid attitude to the respective work in charge sincerely, so AET had a great impression toward their peculiar corporate atmosphere, cooperativeness, as well as the spirit of “Omotenashi”.

At almost closing session, an extra edition newspaper about our visit was prepared during 2 hours’ stay.
It was so amazing and a kind of surprising enough to the visitors!
Though we are in the relationship in different business categories each other, good stimulation has obtained efficiently, and would like to continue and expand this significant collaboration from now on.

We appreciate very much for your hospitality, all employees and Mr. Torihara of Maruwa.