35th Ion Chromatograph Forum held on December 6th and 7th At Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI)

An annual forum for publishing of investigating with ion chromatograph analyzer was held at TIRI, locates close to Tokyo bay.
Dr. Nagashima, who is the original developer of Combustion Ion Chromatograph (CIC) system, had presentation speech regarding “Wide application analysis with multi-element containing standard sample for CIC”.
These standard samples (NAC-st1, NAC-st2, and NAC-st4) were synthetically developed with collaborative research between TIRI and NAC Techno Service, and have the patent.
Other than the presentation, it was a useful information exchange place about significant points and notification on the actual analysis measurement, by explanations both from IC users and from IC manufacturers.

In the evening of the first day, the socializing party was held, and we had a great friendship atmosphere by the games and meals.

The next day, there were poster session and oral presentations by the IC users, IC manufacturers and college students.
In respective session of oral and poster, the best students were awarded from the audiences’ ballot.
About 70 participants were gathered, and highly enthusiasm was transferred among them and felt nicely great time sharing 2-days program.

We surely would like to introduce sincerely halogens/sulfur simultaneous analysis system in core way, to high potential customers in continuous active way.

Exhibition booth: NAC Techno Service and EAI Japan