Participated in MESSE NAGOYA2018
At Port Messe Nagoya, on November 9th

A business networking event for companies in various industries, as the largest size of exhibition in Japan, was held from November 7th to 10th at “Port Messe Nagoya”, close to Kinjo pier of Nagoya port.
The venue was flowing over excitement and enthusiasm from the vigor of the participants, and it was a good opportunity place to strengthen mutual communication. It was so impressive that explanation with sincere posture was seen at any booth.

Especially, 2 seminars participation was the main purpose this time visit.

First one was a business seminar, titled as “Mind to do revolution of the Shinkansen (bullet train) cleaning team”.
A cleaning team of JR East is also attracted high attention from overseas media. The team’s incredibly brisk work lasts in only 7 minutes, except for riding on/off time of the passengers during the Shinkansen vehicles stays at the station.
It is wonderfully called as “7 minutes miracle”, and is defined “The Shinkansen Theater” by the cleaning team, which makes passengers’ travel mind up in doubly pleasure, such as the Japanese spirit expression, “O mo te na shi” (hospitality).
It could be a different type of business from ours, but it was quite deeply impressed from the viewpoint by where we participate in; each team member is diligently working on with sincerity, pride and affection.

The 2nd one is a lecture by the SME printing company in Nagoya City.
We had met this directing manager at last year’s Messe exhibition.
This company took into advantage of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for establishing the branding of the enterprise shrewdly from the early stage.
This concept was not appropriately understood last year’s lecture, however, it was a great clue and progress to Aemic Trading, for building up our new website effectively.

In the circumstance that the SDGs will continue until 2030, this seminar gave us a huge stimulus for targeting much clearer corporate originality construction, such as way of thinking for directly connected thing with our business outcome, the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle from a viewpoint which is always pondering from different facets, and so forth.

Aemic Trading will continue insatiable effort from now on, in order to practice the business development closely along with SDGs.
We would like deeply to express our acknowledgement to Mr. Torihara, who is the directing manager of MARUWA Co., Ltd.