Ourstex earned “Asada Award” in X-ray analysis
54th X-ray Analysis Forum: at Tokyo University of Science (Oct. 25 to 26)

Ourstex has been dedicating to develop and manufacture energy dispersive type fluorescent X-ray analyzers solely, and we, Aemic Trading, have been introducing their products enthusiastically to oversea market, in the category of elemental analysis.

Mr. Nagai, who is the Chief Investigator in Research & Development Department in Ourstex, has received this year’s “Asada Award” honorably.
“Asada Award” was established by X-ray Analytical Research Forum of Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry since 2006. It was set via commemorated great achievement for X-ray analysis by former Professor Eiichiro Asada (1924-2005) at Toyohashi University of Technology, and the award is given to the young researcher who is achieved and got excellent results in the X-ray analysis field.
The award ceremony and its memorial lecture by Mr. Nagai were given on 25th, at Tokyo University of Science, in the program of 54th X-ray analysis forum.
In the past 12 times winners were all in universities and institutes, and this 13th Asada Award was given as the first time honorable achievement to the general enterprise, Ourstex.

Ourstex has been challenging to realize the portable type fluorescent X-ray analyzer that enables to measure elements in on-site analysis. Eventually, it enabled to execute high sensitive analysis under the low background by monochromatic X-ray excitation, utilizing widely from quality control at manufacturing premise to archaeological fields.
Especially in the cultural asset analysis field, the world’s highest level measurement is achieved, so consequently, the analyzers are utilized for analyses of domestic/abroad valuable archaeology/cultural assets’ materials significantly, and quite important knowledge are being given consecutively.
Furthermore in the environmental analysis field, the analyzers developed for the investigation propose of concrete damage from salt water as a sensitive chloride element. This greatly contributes to achieve for safe society realization.

In the current to future X-ray analysis field, the advancement of Ourstex is highly expected increasingly.
Aemic Trading celebrates this superb winning award to Ourstex from the bottoms of our hearts.