Training course held for Inter Science Corp. (Korea), Oct. 24 to 25

Aemic Trading had seen Minori’s sales person in advance, who is in charge of Korean market, then we had met 3 persons from Inter Science Corp. In the morning on 24th, they were arrived at Komatsu airport leaving from Inchon airport.
Then we together visited the lab of Micro Emission (ME), about 40 minutes car ride from the airport.

ME company is the venture business enterprise, starting-up from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST).
At the lab of ME, we had a knowledgeable and informative 3-hour long seminar with MH-5000 and MH-6000A,by the representative of ME, Mr. Yamamoto.
It was really in a warm atmosphere and the participants were acquired important factors enthusiastically during the whole session.

MH-6000A           MH-5000

In the evening, we had transferred to Kyoto.
On the next day, we had a brief lecture style meeting at our facility, Aemic Company.
PP slide explanation was implemented about the Combustion Ion Chromatograph (CIC, NAC Techno Service & Yanaco LID: YHS-11) system, CHN elemental analyzer (EAI Japan: CE-440), Fluorescent X-ray analyzers (Ourstex Series), respectively. Also, the actual demonstration with the melting point apparatus of MP series had implemented.
It seemed to be a bit tough time schedule, but all participants were diligently learned a lot of essential points for respective product line sincerely.
We anticipate newly developed business expansion in the Korean market from now on.

We, Aemic Trading, deeply express our acknowledgement of great cooperation to Mr. Yamamoto of Micro Emission, as well as Mr. Takiguchi of Minori in Kobe.