Annual Exhibition of Biwako Messe 2018 held (October 17th to 19th) “Biwako Environmental Business Exhibition”

The annual environment-related exhibition of “Biwako Messe 2018” is the largest show in West Japan region.
It was held at the Dome of Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology, located in Shiga Prefecture from October 17th to 19th.
A lot of booths were set up by not only the companies and business organizations from Shiga Prefecture, but also from other Prefectures too, so that energetic information exchange was achieved here and there in the Dome venue.
Many booths were focused on the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, which were stipulated by the United Nations in 2016.
The SDGs are targeted for 2030 and, many entrepreneurs were conspicuously illustrated which goal’s item would be realized in their respective business category.

In the afternoon on the 19th, we participated in the SDGs diffusive seminar, titled: “Kansai SDGs caravan in Shiga X (times) Shiga Water Environmental Business Seminar”.

●SDGs and private business enterprise (by JICA Kansai)
●Corporate case study: Business development example along with SDGs (by Optex Co., Ltd.)
●Contribution to SDGs and supportive structure to the enterprises (by Shiga Bank)
●Introduction of Kansai SDGs business contribution network (by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)

In order to comply with the SDGs on a global scale, we could obtain and recognize proper business development in Shiga Prefecture, by cooperation in industries, authorities and academia.
We would like to enhance our business to realize appropriate products’ introduction sincerely along with our own SDGs targets. [#12: Responsible consumption & production, #14: Life below water, #15: Life on land, and #17: Partnerships for the goals]