Annual Exhibition Show of JASIS 2018 was held (September 5th to 7th) “Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show

The annual analytical/scientific instruments exhibition show of JASIS 2018, that is the largest show in Asian region, was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo Metropolitan area.
A lot of the manufacturers of analytical instruments had respective booth and explained keenly to many potential customers and participants.
“Ourstex” and “Micro Emission”, which are AEMIC TRADING’s business partners, had their own booths and complied with different fields of applications asked by the customers and the distributors sincerely.
There were plenty of the overseas’ customers and distributors.

Other than instruments exhibition place, there were several categories of conference seminars, which were organized by JAIMA (Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association).
One of the sessions was related to “Ion Chromatograph”, and Dr. Nagashima of NAC Techno Service had a variable presentation, titled “Practical Analysis of IC Application for Solid Samples”.
In the session, other presentations from IC manufacturers and IC expert users were allotted in totally 3 hours. Even though the session is targeted for the beginners of IC, but all contents were so useful and knowledgeable to all participants indeed.

On before/after the dates of JASIS, we visited CIRIC on the campus of Chiba University and had a brief lecture by Dr. Nagashima of NAC Techno Service to the distributors from overseas, with regard to Combustion Ion Chromatograph (CIC) system.

Since the accepting condition for sample testing analysis has been setting up at the NAC’s laboratory in CIRIC, actual measurements can be complied with from now on.
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