We strongly recommend this ion chromatograph (IC) for the users, who consider newly introducing CIC system with IC

Any types of ion chromatographs can be connected with YHS-11, though.

TOSOH Ion Chromatography System: 

IC-2010 enables to realize high-throughput and high-speed multi-samples treatments, by high-speed, high resolution attainable 5 minutes per sample.

Adopts high-speed and high resolution column which TOSOH developed originally, so that IC-2010 realized high-throughput; measuring time is just 5 minutes both for anion and for cation.
In case that the combustion system (YHS-11) is connected as pre-combustion, measurements of 6 samples per hour can be implemented; still quite high-throughput realization.
By loading auto-sampler and suppressor, continuous multi-samples treatment and high sensitive measurements are attainable. Exclusive work station can provide high reliable measurement environment, since it loads tap water GLP supporting function.


  • Realized high-throughput analysis with measuring time as 5 minutes (IC used only. With combustion system, YHS-11, 1 measuring time is 10 minutes.)
  • Complying with continuous multi-samples measurements up to 250 samples(IC used only.)
  • Loading sample’s automatic dilution function
  • Realized high sensitive analysis with automatic exchanging gel-suppressor method

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