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Since the foundation at June, 2009, AEMIC has been contributing electric/electronic measuring devices as the designing/developing and manufacturing maker; considerable customers consequently adopt our product lines for various application fields.
Now, besides our original product lines, we have established one separated division that introduce excellent analytical instruments manufactured in Japan, other than us. (Named as AEMIC Trading)
As it has been regarded as significant importance of measuring concentration of respective element especially by elemental analysis demand, we have to introduce proper instruments in order to realize environmental protection along with the implemention of strict regulations.
In such circumstance, we appreciate and prompt introduction of the products to be granted by the customers’ request.

One reason how come we set up for this page is, in order to achieve some goals from 17 sustainable development goals, that were stipulated by the United Nations in 2016.


Company Name AEMIC Corporation / AEMIC Trading
President Tomoyuki Uchiyama
Founded June 23, 2009
Address 34, Higashi-koyanouchi-cho, Takeda, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, 612-8448, Japan
TEL +81-75-612-0710
FAX +81-75-612-0750
URL http://ae-mic-trading.com
MAIL info@ae-mic-trading.com
Business Contents Sales of products (Measuring Instruments) and
Development of new products.

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